Jon vs. Dow Preseason Results

Posted: September 2, 2011 in Weekly Results
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Since the regular season still hasn’t begun, the first week was quite the quiet week. In fact, I typically don’t ever take any action in the preseason but my one bet just felt like free money. After one week, the Dow is down 0.4%, while I am up 5.0%. Of course, I do have half of my money in play on the Patriots Win Total, but I am treating that as my money until I lose it.

It’s early and I only made one bet, but if you had invested that $2,000 in me you would now have $2,100. If you invested that money in the Dow Jones Industrial Average (assuming you could buy a partial share through a discount brokerage like for example), you would have $1,992.15. That is a difference of $107.85.

As we get further into the experiment, I would show these results in graph form, but for now there is no point with only one bit of data. These results don’t say much due to the lack of action, but results are results.


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