Bets Are In (Updated 9/8/2011 11:58 PM)

Posted: September 8, 2011 in NFL Gambling
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Decided to go with under 24  (-110) in the first half of the Saints-Packers game, $55 to win $50. Also decided to go over 45.5 yards receiving (-130) for Jimmy Graham, $65 to win $50. I decided to go against the full game spreads although I still like the Saints getting 4.5 (-105) and I still like under 48 (-110). I also like Jordy Nelson over 42.5 receiving yards (-130)

UPDATE (9/8/2011 9:21 PM) – Forget the first half under… Lost that in the first quarter alone! Would have hit Jordy Nelson over within the first 8 minutes of the game but didn’t take it! If the Saints secondary is going to play 10-12 yards off the line of scrimmage every play, especially on 3rd downs, Rodgers will complete over 85% of his passes in this game. Counting on Graham now to even me out.

UPDATE 2 (9/8/2011 10:22 PM) – Can’t see Saints losing by double digits. The offense has looked good and the defense should make some adjustments at the half. Took the Saints -0.5 (-115), $57.50 to win $50. Brees really killed me on that last drive underthrowing Graham. It’s tough seeing Graham held in to block most plays, didn’t anticipate that.

UPDATE 3 (9/8/2011 11:58 PM) – Ended up winning the Graham bet on the final drive and covered the second half Saints bet. Finished the night 2-1 up $45. Could have been more if I went with gut on Jordy, but also could have been less if I had taken Saints for the game or the under for the game so it is what it is. Score this night a win for Jon.


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