Since I’m vacationing in Miami and likely won’t be by a computer again after this post, I decided to give you guys my picks earlier than usual. So far, I am taking the Titans at +1 (-110) for $100 to win $91.90, who I think should outright win the game by at least a touchdown against the Jags. I am also taking the Titans first half at a pick (-110) for $55 to win $50. My value bet of the day is the Titans Alternative Point Spread at -3.5 (+205), which I am taking at $25 to win $51.25.

For other early game action, my gut is telling me to go with the Lions getting 1 (-110), the Colts getting 9 (-110), over 44 (-110) in Colts-Texans, and over 21.5 Colts-Texans first half (-115). Last but not least, I am also thinking under 72.5 rushing yards for Michael Turner (-115),  who should have a difficult time against a very tough Chicago Bears front seven. For the 4 PM games, I am liking the Seahawks getting 5.5 (-110) and not much else for now. I still have’t made up my mind on all of those for sure yet so stay tuned for an update. I’ll do my best to keep you updated throughout the day using my phone.

UPDATE (9/11/2011 11:13 AM) – Decided to go with over 44 in the Colts-Texans game for $55 to win $50 and that’s all for the 1 PM games before I head out.

UPDATE 2 (9/11/2011 4:33 PM) – Lost everything in the earlier games. I knew Chris Johnson’s touches would be limited but I had no idea that the Titans would only have 5 carries for 9 yards as a team through 3 quarters. Only 7 points scored in the second half of the Colts-Texans game after 34 in the first half. A Schaub INT in the end zone, a missed Vinatieri FG, and an Indy turnover on downs after getting down to the 7 yard line all in the 4th quarter did me in. Ended up taking Giants -1 (-110) for $55 to try salvaging some of the day.

UPDATE 3 (9/11/2011 5:56 PM) – Took over 21 (even) in Giants-Redskins 2nd half for $50. Also, going against my earlier call on Seattle, I am taking the 49ers 2nd half at -1.5 (-115) for $50.

UPDATE 4 (9/11/2011 7:16 PM) – I would love to blame it on the alcohol but today just wasn’t my day. Never had a day close to this bad in my life in terms of betting. Between awful play calling, missed field goals, and just bad calls on my part I somehow managed to lose every bet. Today was definitely not a win as I not only fell behind the Dow but also fell down money on the year.

UPDATE 5 (9/11/2011 8:13 PM) – As bad of a day I am having, I need to go with my gut. Jets -4 (even) first half for $100 and Jason Witten over 57.5 receiving yards (-125) for $50. Hopefully can salvage a day that has gone terribly wrong. On the bright side, I am currently drinking in South Beach so life could be worse.

UPDATE 6 (9/11/2011 10:28 PM) – My thumbs are getting tired updating this page from my phone. One final bet of the day here… Dallas second half +6.5 (-145) for $72.50. It’s a shame the juice is so high but the bet just seems too easy (that probably sounds funny with all the losing that has gone on today).


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