Week 1 Results

Posted: September 14, 2011 in Weekly Results
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Photo: AP

Well, if you were following me Sunday and Monday you don’t need me to say much here to know how I did. Sunday turned out to be the single worst day of picking against the spread in my life as I started off the day losing 8 straight bets! I rebounded nicely Sunday night into Monday night finishing the week 3 for my last 4 but still ended up down $302.50 on the week. The tough Week 1 set me back to $1,797.50, down 10.13% from the original $2,000. Meanwhile, the Dow closed at $11,061.12, down 1.98% from the original $11,284.54. If you had that $2,000 invested in the market instead of me, it would have been worth $1,960.40 instead of $1,797.50. The Dow is outpacing me by $162.90, not too bad considering I lost 8 bets in a row at one point this weekend! The good news, the Patriots looked very impressive to open the season and I now only need 11 more wins for my $1,000 season win total bet.

Score Week 1 a win for the Dow, but I remain optimistic as things will get easier once I learn more about team’s true identities. I have decided to use the picture of the Manning face in my post every week that the Dow beats me. Hopefully, you won’t have to see that face much more often.


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