Week 3 Results

Posted: September 27, 2011 in Weekly Results

After a rough start to the season, I bounced back big time during Week 3. I took an 8-0-1 streak into the 4 PM games on Sunday and then unfortunately lost the last 4 bets. The hot streak was good enough to get me out of the red though, and I’m now back up to $2,030 on the year (+1.5% from the beginning). On the other hand, the Dow had one of its worst weeks in the last few years, dropping 5% at one point before rebounding Monday when it closed at 11,043.86 (-2.13% from the beginning). Had your invested your $2,000 in the market, it would currently be worth $1,957.34, which would put you $72.66 short of me. The downside to Week 3 was the blown opportunity by the Patriots to go 3-0 after the Bills erased a 21 point deficit. At 2-1, I now need the Pats to finish at least 10-3 or I am in serious trouble of staying ahead of the Dow.


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