Week 4 Results…. Gaining Some Momentum

Posted: October 6, 2011 in Weekly Results
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As of Monday night, I’m up to $2,232.50 (+11.63% from the beginning). Before losing the two Monday Night Football bets, I was actually up to $2,352.50 and gaining major ground on the Dow. I’m still crushing the Dow thanks to a horrendous week for the market, in which the Dow closed Monday night at 10743.40 (-4.80% from the beginning). Had your money been invested in the market instead of betting with me, you would be $328.41 behind!

On Monday I shared some of my statistics with you and I may as well share a little more since I am taking the time to keep track of everything:

  • 6-1 (85.71%) when making full game NCAA bets (spread and total combined)
  • 5-0 (100%) in full game NCAA totals
  • 7-1 (87.5%) when taking the under in NCAA full game, 1st half, and 2nd half combined
  • 4-1 (80%) when betting NFL 2nd half spreads
  • 1-6-1 (14.29%) in all NFL and NCAA1st half bets combined
After a few more weeks, I plan to use these to determine which types of bets I should be making and which types I should be avoiding. Check back soon for tonight’s NCAA action.

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