Week 5 Results… Starting to Pull Away and Pats Schedule Gets Easier

Posted: October 13, 2011 in Weekly Results
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Week 5 was my best week yet, going 12-4 and winning a total of $335. The successful week put me at $2,567.50 on the year for a 28.38% return on investment. If Aaron Hernandez doesn’t drop that pass from Tom Brady on what turned out to be the last play of the 1st half against the Jets, you can add another $220 to that total! Can’t win every bet though and I will be happy with where I stand. In an attempt to keep things interesting, the market also had its best week since the start, with the Dow climbing back up to 11,433.18 (1.32% return on investment) by close of business Monday. Your $2,000 invested in the market would be worth $2,026.34, which would put you $541.16 behind me (26.71% difference). Now that teams are approaching mid-season form, the gambling should only get easier.

Of course, let’s not forget about the Patriots who won their 4th game of the season. They now just need to finished 8-3 for my win total bet to cover. Chris Sprow of ESPN.com posted an article today showing the win percentage of opposing teams left on remaining schedules, and what do you know? The Patriots happen to have lowest opposing team win % on the remaining schedule of every NFL team! To make the bet feel even more safe, the Bills keep winning which keeps the pressure on the Pats to not take their foot off the pedal.


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