Week 6 Monday Night Football (Updated 10/17/2011 10:05 PM)

Posted: October 17, 2011 in NFL Gambling
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Lost the under in last night’s game to finish down $162.50 on the day. My rough day erased all the profit from NCAAF betting and put me $35 in the hole for the week. Anyways, onto tonight’s game. I went back and forth all evening between taking the Jets or taking the under. Considered going with my gut and taking both, but instead decided to go with the Jets -8 (-110) for $55. As much of a mess as the Jets are, they are too talented of a team to not come out and blow the doors off of this one. Rex Ryan and the Jets thrive in the spotlight and I think tonight turns their season around.

UPDATE (10/17/2011 10:05 PM) – If I could have bet the Jets defense would score I would have. Sometimes I feel they’re defense is better at scoring than their offense. Anyways, I feel pretty decent about the Jets covering as I don’t see Miami putting too many more points on the board barring turnovers. On the other hand, the Dolphins defense is flying all over the field limiting the Jets to only one drive that didn’t go three and out. Wishing I took full game under now since 2nd half under is 20 (-115); whereas I would be playing with 21.5 points if I had taken to full game under 41.5 (-110). Still feel like the 2nd half will be low scoring and taking the under for $57.50.


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