Monday Night Football and Some Season Statistics

Posted: October 24, 2011 in NFL Gambling
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Like everyone else outside of Jacksonville, I am expecting the Ravens to wipe the floor clean tonight. Coming off of two straight impressive performances at  home, the Ravens look like the team to beat in the AFC right now (although I will never count out the Pats). I’m taking the Ravens -11 (-105) for $78.75 tonight and am also considering all sorts of prop bets against the Jags. Thinking about under 7 points in the 1st half, under 14 points in the game, under 170.5 passing yards for Gabbert. I’ll make up my mind on those within the next 15 minutes or so.

On to some impressive stats now:

  • 23-15-0 (66.67%) in all 2nd half bets
  • 10-1 (90.91%) in NCAA 2nd half spreads
  • 9-5-2 (64.29%) in all full-game under bets
  • 19-5 (79.17%) in all 2nd half spreads
  • 9-4 (69.23%) in all underdog bets
  • 10-4-1 (71.43%) in all NCAA full-game under bets
And of course the not so impressive stats:
  • 0-4-1 (0%) in all 1st half NCAA bets
  • 4-9-2 (30.77%) in all NCAA overs
  • 2-5-1 (28.57%) in all 1st half over/under bets
  • 0-3-0 (0%) in NCAA 1st half spreads
  • 8-13-1 (38.10%) in all 1st half bets
Not including tonight or the Pats season win total for $1,000, I have placed 119 total bets for $7,737.50 and managed to win 56.52% of them for a $602.50 profit to date.

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