Sundays Are Killing Me

Posted: November 6, 2011 in NFL News

What do the Bills, Bengals, 49ers, and Lions all have in common? They all have as many or more wins than the Patriots this year. They also combined for a 20-44 record last year! What’s my point? The NFL has been turned upside down and I obviously have not caught up yet. While I have hit 62% of my college bets, I am only at 50% of my NFL bets (which means I am losing in NFL thanks to juice). Being at the Pats game and not having all the information I needed in front of me today didn’t help, but that is no excuse.

The worst part about today is that the Pats are obviously nowhere near the team I expected them to be. The blitzing, exciting defense we saw in the preseason was obviously a smokescreen. Belichick has thrown together a terrible defensive unit made up of no-names who play like no-names and so-called stars who play like no-names. When is Jerod Mayo ever going to make a big play? He gets a bunch of tackles, but never causes turnovers or gets to the quarterback. The offense has struggled mightily to find a rhythm after starting off at a record-setting pace. Forget about beating the Dow, I now need to worry more about winning enough to make up for the likely $1,000 loss on the season win total.

  1. theicehockeystick says:

    Completely agree…I don’t think a lot of people saw this coming, especially after last season. Chung and Wilfork are the best defensive players out there. I don’t think Belichick made good personnel moves this offseason…and still don’t agree with him cutting James Sanders and leaving Chung as the only capable safety in the backfield

  2. jl1twelve says:

    I think Belichick is in way too far over his head. He is trying to do too many things at once and the rest of the league has caught up with him. Belichick might have been a great defensive mind for the early 2000′s, but he has not caught up to the offenses of today. He seems to not even be able to evaluate talent on the defensive side of the ball. Long gone are the days when Belichick used early picks to take Wilfork, Warren, and Seymour to shore up the core of the Pats defense. Now Belichick contiuously trades down to draft players who weren’t that great in college and then cuts them two years later. All of his other personnel moves on defense (see Adalius Thomas, Derrick Burgess, Mike Vrabel, and Asante Samuel) have failed the team just as much. It is time we realize that if not for Vinatieri and the luckeist draft pick of all time (Brady), Belichick would never be in the “greatest coach in the NFL” discussion.

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