Week 9 Results (Before I Get Too Deep Into Week 10)

Posted: November 12, 2011 in Weekly Results
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Photo: AP

Week 9 was a struggle (seems to be the theme the past few weeks). Finished the week 7-7, with both a 4 game winning and losing streak thrown in the mix. Like you should all know by now though, 50% is not a break even in gambling, and I finished the week down $87.50.

After things went so well from Week 2 through 6, Weeks 7 through 9 have been more of a battle. Coming into Week 2 down $202.50, I finished Week 6 up $632.50 (an $835 swing over 5 weeks). At the end of Week 9 I was only up $490.34 (a -$142.16 swing). The important part is, I am still up on the year (24.52% return on investment). However, the Dow has gained some ground on me closing Monday at 12,068.39 (6.95% return on investment). I am still $352.42 ahead of the Dow, but I have some work to do now with the Patriots sadly losing a third game this early. I need them to show desperation this week at the Jets.


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