TCU vs. Colorado St. (Updated 11/19/2011 8:46 PM)

Posted: November 19, 2011 in NCAAF Gambling

Taking over 56 (-110) Colorado St. vs. TCU.

UPDATE (11/19/2011 5:10 PM) – Not off to a great start today but liking some halftime spreads now. Taking over 34 (-115) Houston vs. SMU 2nd half for $57.50 and Penn State +3.5 (-120) vs. Ohio State 2nd half for $60. Also taking over 31.5 (-115) Missouri vs. Texas Tech 2nd half for $57.50.

UPDATE 2 (11/19/2011 7:17 PM) – Well last night I got lucky. Today has been the complete opposite. A goal line interception with 30 seconds left cost me the over in Missouri vs. Texas Tech by 0.5 points. A goal interception in the Houston game also cost me that over. 1-5 today heading into the later games and starting off with Boise St. -10.5 (-110) vs. San Diego St. 1st half for $55. Also taking over 46 (-110) FSU vs. Virginia for $55 and under 38.5 (-115) Oklahoma vs. Baylor 1st half.

UPDATE 3 (11/19/2011 8:46 PM) – Not much going on with FSU vs. Virginia after FSU fumbked in the redzone (seems to be theme of the day). Other two bets aren’t looking too bad though. Taking LSU -14.5 (even) vs. Ole’ Miss 2nd half for $50.

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