Happy Thanksgiving (Updated 11/24/2011 3:14 PM)

Posted: November 24, 2011 in NFL Gambling
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Besides being with family and eating ridiculous amounts of food all day, the fact that football is on all day makes this holiday my absolute favorite. Last year on Thanksgiving is when I really started getting some of my friend’s attention when I took the Lions to cover in the 1st half against the Pats who at the time were steamrolling everyone. Anyways, that was last year and this year the Lions have been a pathetic 1st half team. I still think the Lions will cover the 1st half again this year, but at -125 I am staying away. Instead, I am just going with my gut taking the Lions +6 (-120) for $60.

UPDATE (11/24/2011 2:00 PM) – Would have went 1-1 based on liking the under and Lions in the 1st half. Wish I stuck with my gut and had taken under for the game though! I do expect this game to break open a little here in the 2nd half and taking over 26 (-110) for $55.

UPDATE 2 (11/24/2011 3:14 PM) – Unless the Lions pull off another miracle comeback, it’s not looking like they will cover. With 10 minutes left though, I only need 1 more point to hit the 2nd half over. For the next game, I’m taking under 45 (-110) Dallas vs. Miami for $55 and under 23 (-120) 1st half same game for $60.


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