Last Full Saturday of the Year (Updated 11/26/2011 5:16 PM)

Posted: November 26, 2011 in NCAAF Gambling
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Saturday’s have been very very good to me this year. To date, I’m 59-39-3 (60.2%) in college betting this year. Before my recent NFL hot streak, college was the main reason I have stayed ahead of the Dow so far. I don’t plan to get too out of hand today, but I will definitely be taking advantage of my last chance to get a full slate of games on a Saturday. Starting off the day with Michigan -7.5 (-115) vs. Ohio State and over 58 (-115) Iowa State vs. Oklahoma for $57.50 each.

UPDATE (11/26/2011 1:50 PM) – Can’t figure out why the hell Oklahoma puts in a backup QB and runs a Tim Tebow fake dive pass on 2nd and goal from the 2 resulting in an interception. If that costs me the over I will be quite upset. Michigan was also looking good until a late TD by Ohio State. That game has been back and forth all morning though. I think it will continue going back and forth and am taking over 24 (-105) 2nd half for $52.50. Also taking under 24 (-120) Cincinnati vs. Syracuse 2nd half for $60.

UPDATE 2 (11/26/2011 2:49 PM) – Looking like a mixed bag of results with the early games. Definitely not hitting the over in Oklahoma but the other 3 open bets are still alive. Moving onto the next set of games, I am taking under 46 (-115) Virginia Tech vs. Virginia and under 47 (-115) Alabama vs. Auburn for $57.50 each.

UPDATE 3 (11/26/2011 3:26 PM) – A little last second, but also taking over 34 (-120 ) Oregon vs. Oregon State 1st half for $60.

UPDATE 4 (11/26/2011 5:16 PM) – Hit the Oregon over and now taking under 27 (-115) Missouri vs. Kansas 2nd half and under 21.5 (-115) Alabama vs. Auburn 2nd half for $57.50 each.


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