Week 11 Results… Best Week So Far

Posted: November 27, 2011 in Weekly Results
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After 6 stressful up and down weeks, I finally got the ball rolling again in Week 11. I went 16-8-1 with two separate 5-game winning streaks and another 4-game winning streak to close the week up $435. As of Monday, I was up $955.34 (47.77% return on investment) from the beginning. The Patriots also improved to 7-3 with a win over the Chiefs, keeping me on track to cover the season win total bet. The defense has been playing much better as of late and should be full of confidence coming into this week’s matchup against the injury plagued Eagles.

Almost as if it was right on cue, the Dow happened to have one if its worst weeks of the year while I had my best. The Dow closed Monday dropping over 500 points from the previous Monday to 11547.31 (2.33% return on investment). Had your $2,000 been invested in the market, it would be worth $2,046.57, which would leave you $908.77 behind me! I put together a graph to show my progress to date, hope you enjoy! Check back by noon for today’s 1 PM action.

Progress to Date


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