First Bets of December (Updated 12/1/2011 9:57 PM)

Posted: December 1, 2011 in NCAAF Gambling, NFL Gambling
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I still can’t believe it, but it is already December which means I have been at this challenge for three full months now. I’m running out of college games to bet so I want to take advantage of what I have left. That being said, I am taking over 28 (-105) South Florida vs. West Virginia 1st half for $52.50. I feel even better about tonight’s NFL game. Taking under 21.5 (-120) Eagles vs. Seahawks 1st half for $60 and under 43.5 (-110) for $55.

UPDATE (12/1/2011 9:35 PM) – Well I couldn’t have been more wrong in the South Florida vs. West Virginia game so far. No offense at all, and I am not seeing things changing much in the 2nd half. Taking under 28 (-115) for $57.50. Still holding on by a thread (aka 0.5 points) with my 1st half under in the NFL game.

UPDATE 2 (12/1/2011 9:57 PM) – Just got a nice lucky redzone turnover by West Virginia a minute into the 2nd half. Nice to catch a break after losing my NFL under on a 50 yard field goal with 20 seconds remaining. Anyways, taking Seattle +3.5 (-115) 2nd half for $57.50.

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