NFL Week 13 (Updated 12/4/2011 4:05 PM)

Posted: December 4, 2011 in NFL Gambling

If not for the Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State game costing me nearly $200 last night, I would be having quite the week. Instead, I come into Sunday down $35 on the week. Starting off with what might be the trap of the year but I am falling right into it happily, Falcons -1 (-115) vs. Texans for $57.50. Also taking under 38 (-110) in that game for $55 and under 18.5 (-105) Broncos vs. Vikings 1st half for $52.50. Before wrapping up this post, I also decided to take Bengals +7 (-110) vs. Steelers for $55.

UPDATE (12/4/2011 12:44 PM) – Couldn’t help myself. Taking Jets -1.5 (-115) vs. Redskins 1st half and -3 (-115) for game for $57.50 each.

UPDATE 2 (12/4/2011 2:35 PM) – Turnovers, turnovers, turnovers. Yesterday I was getting lucky, but today is going the complete opposite. Muffed punts, blocked field goals, safeties, defensive touchdowns, and interceptions are burying me right now. Anyways, I expect the Pats to blow the 2nd half open against the Colts and taking them -7.5 (-120) 2nd half for $120. Also taking Panthers pick (-110) vs. Buccaneers 2nd half for $55 and Bengals +0.5 (-120) vs. Steelers 2nd half for $60.

UPDATE 3 (12/4/2011 4:05 PM) – Unless the Falcons can send this to overtime, I am not having a great day. Need to put the 1 PM games behind me though and taking over 54 (-115) Packers vs. Giants and under 47 (-115) Cowboys vs. Cardinals for $57.50 each.


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