Just Can’t Make This Shit Up

Posted: December 15, 2011 in NFL Gambling
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Just literally had my worst game of betting in my life going 0-5. Let’s recap how I lost four of those (Jags 1st half was a lost cause). First Jarett Dillard muffs punt inside his own 10 in the 2nd quarter in which the Falcons turned into 7 points. I lost the 1st half under by 6 points. The other three bets were all lost on one play in the 2nd half. With the score 41-0 and the Jags having -28 net passing yards at the time (no that is not an exaggeration, it is an actual stat), the Jags block a punt and take it to the house. This play put the 2nd half and the full game over! It also brought the Jags to within 1 point of the 2nd half spread. I thought I had that locked up until Falcons rookie corner Darrin Walls dropped an easy pick 6. I mean so easy that literally every analyst for the NFL Network was shocked that he wasn’t celebrating in the end zone. Of course, for no good reason besides pride the Jags march 50 yards for the score with just a few seconds to go after this drop. Which Falcons corner gets burnt for the “Oh by the way” touchdown? You guessed it! Darrin Walls. Even the terrible effort by Darrin Walls would have been fine if not for a blocked punt for a TD. Literally am sick to my stomach right now. I rewound the game and recorded the dropped pick 6 on my phone so I could post it here but I am literally too angry to see it right now.


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