A Whole Bunch of Results I Owe You

Posted: December 24, 2011 in Weekly Results

Now that the semester over, my business travel is over for a few months, and I have finally moved into my new place, I can finally take a deep breath and catch up on here. The last time I updated you guys was after Week 11 when I had my best week of the year. The four following weeks have been up and down. I finished Week 12 at $3,167.84 while the Dow sat at its lowest in weeks, 11,523.01. At the time, $1,125.58 ahead. Over the next three weeks, things started to finally correct themselves and bad beats became the regular. I was constantly losing by a half or one point on missed chip shot field goals, extra points, red zone turnovers, etc. Weeks 13 through 15 saw one big losing week followed by two small winning weeks. Sadly, I ended Week 15 at $2,932.84 (down $235 from my peak in Week 12). As bad as those weeks collectively were, I still cannot complain about a 46.64% return on investment.

While I was taking a hit, the Dow also battled back with a big winning week followed by two smaller losing weeks. The Dow closed Week 15 at 11,866.39, for a 5.16% return on investment. Comparing my return on investment, after an awful 3 week span, against the Dow’s proves how far ahead of the Dow I really am (still $829.72 ahead).  Let’s also not forget that the Pats have continued their winning ways and are now only one win away from covering the 11.5 season win total! If they win today at home against the Dolphins, I can add another $833.33 to Jon! For those of you who started following my blog late, check this link out. Also check back soon for a new page on here showing an updated graph with my weekly results.


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