NFL Playoffs Round 1 Preview

Posted: January 7, 2012 in NFL Gambling
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Now that I have taken a few days off of gambling after my Vegas trip, it’s time to kick things back into gear with the NFL Playoffs starting today. Last year being the exception, I usually do well in the playoffs since the games are a little more predictable than regular season games. Vegas knows that people like betting favorites so lines are usually skewed. That being said, I actually like both underdogs today with the Bengals getting 4 points and the Lions getting 11 points. I think the Bengals actually have a decent chance of pulling this one off at Houston, which is what every Patriots fan will be rooting for. The Lions are a very dangerous team that nobody should want to face right now, but after watching Matt Flynn shred the defense last week I am sure every Lions fan has seen Drew Brees in their sleep all week. At 4 to 1, I actually am putting $50 on the Saints to win the Super Bowl. Nobody is coming into the playoffs hotter than they are.

For tomorrow’s games, I like the Giants to cover 3 and the Broncos to keep it within 9 at home. While I hate to admit it, since I personally think Tim Tebow is the worst and luckiest starting QB in the last decade, the Broncos actually have a good chance to shock the world tomorrow. The Steelers are hobbled by injuries and Denver still has a pretty good home field advantage. If Big Ben was healthy, the Broncos have no prayer but I think this game will be decided by who can reach 3 points first. So here are my picks below for everyone who wants to get their bets in. I’ll post my actual bets this afternoon.

Bengals +4 vs. Texans and under 38

Lions +11 vs. Saints and over 60

Giants -3 vs. Falcons and under 47.5

Broncos +9 vs. Steelers and under 33.5

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