Sunday Divisional Games (Updated 1/15/2012 6:20 PM)

Posted: January 15, 2012 in NFL Gambling

Ended up winning one and losing one. Not sure how many people could have expected such a scoring frenzy to close out the 49ers vs. Saints game but man was it entertaining. Good for the 49ers. I wanted to go with the Giants getting 9 but it is listed at -135 and it seems like everyone is taking the Giants. The Pakcers are going to be emotional after the death of offensive coordinator Joe Philbin’s son. They are also likely sick of the Giants hype all week. Might still go with the Giants but am going to hold off for a little on that. Instead, just taking over 54 (-110) for $110 in that game. For the earlier game, the Texans have outscored opponents by 6 in the 1st half of road games and the Ravens have outscored opponents by 6 in the 1st half of home games. Something has got to give. I think this game will feature more scoring than people think, and I also think the Texans will keep it closer than many think. Taking over 17.5 (-120) 1st half for $60.

UPDATE (1/15/2012 2:45 PM) – The Texans are getting 6 in the 2nd half which I love, but the price is -165 which makes it completely not worth my money. I think the scoring will slow down but still taking over 20 (+105) 2nd half for $25. Not confident enough to place a full wager.

UPDATE 2 (1/15/2012 4:15 PM) – Too much hype surrounding the Giants and too much emotion on the side of the Packers. Going against my original thoughts about this game and taking the Packers -6 (-105) 1st half for $52.50.

UPDATE 3 (1/15/2012 6:20 PM) – One of these days I will learn to stop changing my mind. The hype surrounding the Giants was real. Taking over 28 (-105) 2nd half for $52.50.


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