Dispelling Myths About The Patriots And The Super Bowl

Posted: February 4, 2012 in NFL News
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Finally recovering emotionally after a tough run in the playoffs and getting back to blogging. By now, everyone knows the Patriots are favored by 3 points this weekend, but the past  two weeks have been full of stats, trends, and reasons why the Patriots will struggle this weekend. I’m going to go over a couple of these reasons and explain why most of them are myths that the media has done a great job of over-hyping.

  • The Patriots didn’t beat anyone with a winning record until the Ravens in the AFC Championship. Okay, so this statement is obviously a fact, BUT the Giants only had one win during the regular season against a team with a winning record and it happened to be on a last second victory against the Patriots.
  • The 31st-ranked Patriots secondary is too weak to contain the Giants 3-headed monster at wide receiver. Once again, most likely a true statement. HOWEVER, the Giants pass defense ranked 29th in yards against, giving up only 38 less yards per game through the air than the Patriots.
  • Adding onto my point about the Patriots passing defense, the four worst teams in the league in terms of passing yards against were the Packers, Patriots, Saints and the Giants in order. Those four teams combined for a 50-14 record and of course yielded the two Super Bowl representatives. Why bother having touchdowns and field goals if you are only going to judge a team by the amount of yards it gains and gives up?
  • Further adding to my point about the Patriots secondary (and defense in general), the Patriots finished 15th in the NFL in points per game with only 1 point per game separating them from the top 10. On the other hand, the Giants defense finished 25th in the league in scoring just slightly ahead of teams like St. Louis, Carolina, and Indianapolis.
  • Moving on from the defenses, which I could continue talking about for hours on end, another myth is the Giants are the hottest team in football. Last time I checked, the Patriots have run off 10 straight wins coming into this weekend. Yes, I know what the Giants have done over the last two months but go back and watch the Packers game and you will see that the Packers beat themselves with key drops by receivers and poor play by Aaron Rodgers. Then, go back and watch the 49ers game and you will see that the Giants wouldn’t even be in any discussions right now if it weren’t for 2 muffed punts by the 49ers.
  • Now to the offense and the injury to tight end Rob Gronkowski. Obviously he will not be at 100% coming off a high ankle sprain, but the fact remains that he will be on the field and the Giants will still have to account for him. Even if the Giants are to limit Gronk, the Giants still need to figure out how to limit Wes Welker and Aaron Hernandez who combined for 201 catches for 2,479 yards and 16 touchdowns. Not bad for second and third options huh?
  • Although I can likely think of many more, I will finish with the crazy talk about Eli Manning being on the same level as Tom Brady. While Eli has definitely earned my respect this year, we are talking about a guy who threw 25 interceptions just last year! You don’t think Brady will be extra motivated in this game to prove that not only is he much better than Eli Manning, but likely the greatest of all time?

So there you have it. While the national media wants to find every reason to pick against the Patriots, there are 7  reasons above to not!  Of course, everything I wrote in this post means nothing if the Patriots don’t show up and execute this weekend. If they do, the Patriots will easily cover the 3 point spread. Check back early tomorrow for my bets and some interesting prop bet ideas.


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