Feels Like Another Trap

Posted: September 27, 2012 in NFL Gambling

I’m stuck here… The Ravens should be able to blow Cleveland out of the water. But the Ravens are also coming off of an emotional Sunday night game and could suffer from a little hangover tonight at home. Not only that, the Ravens are on their 4th game in 17 days. That is unheard of! The Patriots exposed this Ravens defense but I just cannot force myself to put money on Brandon Weeden on the road. Just can’t. Instead, taking under 22 (-115) 1st half for $57.50 and under 43.5 (-110) full game for $55.


Got  absolutely rocked yesterday after an up and down Saturday. Could really use a few wins tonight. Taking under 23.5 (-110) 1st half for $55 and under 46 (-110) full game for $110. Seattle is a tough place to play and at the same time I don’t expect Seattle’s offense to do too much either tonight. Although after yesterday, I am starting to feel like I don’t know a thing about the NFL so who knows at this point. With these idiot replacement refs controlling games, I probably shouldn’t even be placing bets right now.

UPDATED (9/24/2012 10:04 PM) – Sticking with the under theme and taking under 21 (-115) 2nd half for $57.50.

This could potentially be the trap of the season but I just can’t over-think this one. The 49ers defense is just unreal and I expect them to force Christian Ponder to beat them by stuffing eight in the box at all times. For Minnesota to even have a chance of keeping this game close, Percy Harvin will need to have a monster game to open things up for Adrian Peterson. I just can’t see it happening. The 49ers are a team full of veterans and I am not concerned with them coming out flat today. Taking 49ers -4 (-110) 1st half for $110 and 49ers -7 (-115) full game for $115. Also taking an alternate point spread, 49ers -14.5 (+275) for $36.36 (which will win $100). On another note, taking Tampa Bay +6 (-110) for $55 too.

UPDATE (9/23/2012 2:36 PM) – I was right about a rout, but could not have been any more wrong about this game. Talk about the trap of the season, oh well. Expecting Harbaugh to wake his troops up and taking SF -6.5 (-120) 2nd half for $60. Also taking Redskins -4 (-110) vs. Bengals 2nd half and over 23.5 (-110) Lions vs. Titans 2nd half for $55 each.

UPDATE 2 (9/23/2012 4:02 PM) – Hit the over in the Lions vs. Titans game and sweating out the other few open 2nd half bets. At 4 PM, taking under 21 (-115) Cardinals vs. Eagles 1st half for $57.50 and over 43.5 (-110) Broncos vs. Texans for $55.

UPDATE 3 (9/23/2012 5:39 PM) – Won all 1 PM bets not associated with the 49ers. Things were looking great with my two 4 PM bets until a 93 yard bumble recovery as time expired to push the 1st half over in Arizona vs. Philly. That one hurt the most. Hoping for some more 2nd half Vick magic and taking Eagles -4.5 (-110) 2nd half for $110. Also taking under 21.5 (-105) in the Falcons vs. Chargers 2nd half for $52.50. Last but not least, taking under 22.5 (-110) Steelers vs. Raiders 2nd half for $55.

Finally got the boost I needed to turn things back around last night when I hit all three of my bets. Hoping to carry that momentum into today. Starting off the day with under 50 (-105) in Wisconsin vs. UTEP for $105. Not touching anything else as of now in the early slate of games.

(UPDATE 9/22/2012 1:43 PM) – Wisconsin’s offense looks much better today than the first few weeks of the season. Not sure I will hit the full game under anymore but taking them -7.5 (-110) in the 2nd half for $55 to try cutting into the loss. Also taking under 29 (-110) Ohio St. vs UAB 2nd half for $55.

(UPDATE 2 9/22/2012 3:33 PM) –  Down $100 in the early games and hoping to get it back now. Taking UCLA -4 (-115) 1st half vs. Oregon St for $57.50.

(UPDATE 3 9/22/2012 7:18 PM) – Gave back all that I won last night but still plenty of games to go tonight. Taking Clemson +8 (-110) vs. Florida St. 1st half and Notre Dame -6 (-110) vs. Michigan full game for $55 each. Also taking Georgia -15 (-110) vs. Vanderbilt for $110.

I’ll be the first to admit, coming into the season I knew not a thing about the the Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks. They may actually be one of the first teams I have bet on since starting this site which I had to Google their team name. Regardless, ULM not only beat Arkansas to open the season in the one of the biggest college football upsets of recent memory, they also went to Auburn and took them into overtime. I still think they could have won that game had they not gone for it on 4th down in OT.

Regardless of the outcome, this ULM team comes back home playing some confident football. Baylor has become a big name thanks to RGIII last season, but I don’t have much faith in their defense and Nick Florence doesn’t scare me all that much yet. While I think Baylor will find a way to win, I look for ULM to give them a little scare. Taking ULM +4.5 (+105) 1st half for $50 and also full game +9 (-105) for $52.50.

UPDATED 9/21/2012 10:05 PM) –  Looks like ULM is giving Baylor all they have as expected. Too bad they went for it on 4th down instead of kicking a short field goal towards the end of the  first half. Taking over 35.5 (-115) 2nd half for $57.5 and hoping ULm keeps this game close!

Over the past few seasons the Giants for one reason or another have just played much better on the road. I expect the trend to continue tonight. Even with a beat up secondary I expect the Giants to pull out a victory here. Might start off similar to last week’s game against Tampa Bay but Eli tends to show up on the road in big games. Taking them +3 (-115) for $115 and over 49 (-110) for $55.

UPDATE (9/20/2012 9:56 PM) – I was right about the Giants exposing the Panthers but there is still another half of football to be played. I think Carolina has too much pride at home to lose this badly at home and will score some points this half. Taking over 24 (+110) and Carolina -4.5 (even) each for $50.

Yesterday was a tough day. Went 3-4 but finished the day down $185. Really unfortunate that the refs missed the blatant pick on the late 4th quarter conversion to Calvin Johnson last night. Would only have been down $80, oh well. Onto tonight, taking Atlanta full game -3 (-115) and also taking under 25.5 (-115) for $57.50.

UPDATE (9/17/2012 10:41 PM) – Well first the refs give the Broncos a free 6 yards and then I lose the under by centimeters and seconds. Seems to be the theme for lately. Taking Denver -3 (-105) 2nd half for $52.50 and also over 24.5 (-even) for $50.